KZ 900 26mm carbs for the 650/750 upgrade $100 -$200

GSXR 34mm Cv carbs $125-225

KZ 900-1100 aftermarket camshafts $200-$250

KZ 650-750 aftermarket camshafts $200-$250

Mikuni RS Flatslides 38mm $500 with velocity stacks




dual disc kawasaki spoked front 18" wheel $65-125

1987 17" Honda CBR 600 wheels $150 set,



Koni ,

special D $100, needs rebuilding


Fox gas shocks, needs rebuilding ,one set has a broken air valve $75,other set $125

 Also Mullholland 13.5 eye to eye ,clean no leakage $150


Custom fork springs

Looking for stiffer fork springs,I custom cut and reshape stock springs to stiffen them up and reduce dive.$75-$100  Many already in stock for 35-38mm forks.

Cylinder head machining and porting service available